Quality Service + Quality Glass = Woods Glass

Woods Glass company mission since inception is to establish a specialist commercial glazing company committed to providing quality ‘Building Glazing Solutions’ for the New Zealand building industry.



Our engineering is the heart of all the projects we undertake. We ensure the designs comply with the NZ Building code, are designed for the proposed purpose and are safe. At Woods Glass we offer our expertise to engineer bespoke glass solutions, and we are able to conduct testing in an independently assessed façade test rig for wind, water and seismic conditions, so we don’t just design it – we can test it.

Our in house professional structural and façade engineers specifically assess each façade design for structural and environmental (seismic and wind) loading, and ensure that the façade solution and building-in condition meets code requirements. We have designed many specific engineered solutions to meet the aesthetic intent of our clients’ design and imposed engineering challenges.

Our capability to custom engineer fixing systems and manufacture locally where necessary gives us the confidence only the highest quality materials are used in our systems. We also ensure that specialist fittings and hardware are engineered and tested so the complete structural glass system will perform to the highest standard.


Woods Glass and Thermosash Commercial have a team of design engineers, draughtsman and specialists experienced in façade systems and glass structures. Due to the unique make-up of our team, we can provide design expertise second to none. Our designers operate computer aided drawing packages as well as finite element analysis software and CAD/CAM manufacturing packages to assist our teams in delivering projects.


The cost of quality is often underestimated, but never forgotten when a problem occurs. Cost is directly related to quality and performance and Woods Glass use a range of local and international suppliers to best fit the project budget. Our team of professionally trained Quantity Surveyors (QS) are highly experienced in quoting complex projects, providing certainty around your project’s budget.


The facade is a critical element in construction, and construction programmes are often tight. Our team of experienced project managers work closely with the client contractor and consultants from design to installation to ensure timely completion.

By employing our unique lifting and launching equipment we are able to manage and control the quality and productivity of the delivery of our end product, minimising time on site, aiding the programme where possible and managing time risk.


Successful project delivery requires experience and capable tradespeople, at Woods Glass we have a team of trade trained glaziers and specialist installers.

As buildings become more complex and adventurous in shape and form, so does the challenges for our designers, engineers and installation teams. We believe that the successful completion of projects within scheduled requirements demands innovative solutions from concept to site. To facilitate this, we constantly reinvest in our machinery and plant and have a wide range of the latest equipment from dedicated glazing robotic mini-cranes through to in-house 20 tonne cranes, all with our own trained operators, to assist with the installation of façades to tight programmes and tolerances.

Our trained staff are experienced at working at height with the latest access equipment in accordance with our safe work method statements.

Woods Glass are not just commercial glaziers - we also employ specialist metal workers and installers so that we can offer a total building glazing solution to our clients.


Compliance is a critical element of construction industry delivered projects. Alignment and delivery of bespoke designs necessitates the provision of producer statements (PS1 design, PS2 design review, PS3 construction, PS4 construction review). Woods Glass has in house engineers and producer statement authors who can streamline this process.


Woods Glass work hard with their suppliers to ensure high quality glass products are used and then work equally hard to ensure the onsite completed work is of the highest quality.

We acknowledge that our next project with our clients will be assessed from our last project - that is why we only use the very best materials available to ensure durability and longevity of the glass solutions we provide.

Our experienced factory and site glazing teams undertake the assembly within strict quality control guidelines assessing performance, tolerance and quality.


We have a team of dedicated project managers, team leaders and glaziers who take pride in their work and ensure the completed project performs long term. Woods Glass pride comes from on-site performance and delivery as this is the key to a sustainable business.

Health and Safety

Our people work at the leading edge of New Zealand building projects and with that comes the risk of injury. The training we give our people ensures that task analyses are completed for every unique aspect of a project, covering planning, strategies and all aspects of operational safety to keep our team safe at all times while ensuring on-site performance.


The building industry has passed more and more responsibility with performance specifications, tight lead times and fast track construction programmes onto the window industry. Woods Glass continue to invest heavily in the best plant, technology and training to ensure we offer the highest value solution to our customers. We pursue innovation and expertise to be world class leaders in building glazing solutions.


Glass can break, and replacement can be a complex process due to access and size of the glazing. Woods Glass work nationwide with clients and insurance companies to provide solutions for re-glazing large and complex projects.


In any industry, trained staff are generally happier and safer. Lost time due to injury, absenteeism, staff turnover and long-term injuries have all been reduced as a result of our extensive training program.

Lifting and Handling

Woods Glass have access to some of the worlds most advanced lifting and handling equipment suitable for glass and other flat products enabling us to complete new, refurbishment and maintenance work.


Woods Glass can offer a maintenance service to check all moving and wearing parts to maintain warranties and extend the life of your investment.   Regular cleaning and maintenance are often overlooked. It’s typical for façade and glazing projects to look pristine on completion, but it’s of equal importance to maintain the investment with programmed maintenance.