Sustainability is one of Woods Glass’ core strategic priorities.

Through continuous development we are able to provide customers and the community with innovative, world leading facade solutions designed specifically for the New Zealand environment. Woods Glass reduce the environmental impact of our processing and construction activities through sustainability focused design, sourcing and production methods. 


We order glass in bulk, cut to final dimensions and nested to reduce glass waste and carbon miles. Wherever possible, we encourage the selection of performance improved glass so that energy use can be potentially reduced in the buildings we construct.



Our aluminium extrusions are sourced from OMEGA Aluminium – the only aluminium extruder to achieve diamond level third-party CEMARS environmental certification. The facility operates using renewable energy – giving it an official CEMARS rating of 1.21kg/co2/kg – 11.3 times better than the world average.



Close to 100% of our offcuts and recyclable aluminium components are recycled through McKechnie. In order to obtain the strength grade we often require, a small amount of pure alloy is added. The recycled content of the majority of the extrusions we use is safely beyond circa 85-90%.


Woods Glass aim to minimise any waste that is sent to landfill by recycling glass, timber, polystyrene, metal, aluminium and batteries through responsible channels.



We work with a local glass recycling business that works to upcycle / recycle glass in many different environmentally sensitive ways including being crushed and reused in concrete and fill areas for roading.

We are commited to the environment and a member of New Zealand Green Building Council. We have a Green Star Accredited Professional who has an in-depth knowledge in healthy, less polluting green building practices.