OMEGA Shopfront


OMEGA Shopfront

Woods Glass have a wide range of shopfront façade solutions from framed to unitised to frameless systems. Woods can offer the minimalist TotalVision system that utilises structural glass or we can offer a variety of framed solutions.

Our fixed light sections and doors are produced to meet all types of architectural requirements in a wide variety of finishes for both export and New Zealand use. We are specialists in the use of this product range and can meet your individual requirements for unusual shapes, including radiused corners as well as integration of automated and revolving doors.

Our Shopfronts can be installed with integrated seismic systems and, when engineered correctly for the project and site, can offer the appearance of a very low profile transparent suite, lending itself well to accessible entrances which require low thresholds at the door openings.


Woods Glass works with the largest façade testing facility in New Zealand where we test our systems and custom designed suites to ensure compliance with the below codes or project specific requirements:

  • AS/NZS1170 (Structural Design Actions)
  • NZS4223 (Glazing in Buildings)
  • NZS/AS4284:2008 (Water / Air Pressure/ Air Leakage - Meets and exceeds minimum requirements)

All the Woods Glass Shopfronts are independently laboratory tested to IANZ (International Accreditation New Zealand). Test certificates are available on request.


To ensure the protection of the powder coated surface, strong solvents including paint thinners and abrasive cleaners must not be used. If paint splashes, mastics, or sealants these must be removed, using only Methylated Spirit or WGANZ recommended cleaners should be used and rinsed thoroughly post application. As with all paint films, regular washing with a soft brush and mild detergent will ensure that substances such as airborne salts and pollutants that are detrimental to long-term performance of your powder coated extrusions are expelled. Cleaning must take place at least every 6 months in external applications. In areas of high pollution such as geothermal, beachfront and industrial areas, the cleaning must take place at least every 3 months.


The system was designed for shopfront work, so can easily integrate a door or window sash.

  • 100mm centrally glazed
  • Designed for double glazing up to 34mm in thickness
  • 52mm awning window sashes
  • 56mm thermal door sashes
  • Cast aluminium hinges for strength
  • Thermally Broken Seismic frames available
  • Split Mullion Design for unitized glazing

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