Obscura | Privacy Glass

Obscura offers a range of options to reach the important design consideration of privacy. Differing levels of privacy can be achieved via light diffusion and obscuration. Obscura can incorporate the following options:

Sand blasted – Using high pressure air and sand to blast the glass surface. This creates a frosted surface which is permanent. Sandblasting must be completed prior to glazing. It can also reduce the strength of the glass by up to 60%. Thus, consideration must be taken when using in human impact or high windload areas.

Acid etched – Using acid baths to etch the surface white. The treatment leaves a surface which softens and contours the light. It can be processed in many of the same ways as annealed glass and so can be used in many different glazing applications.

Translucent interlayer – using PVB or EVA translucent interlayers in varying density. The interlayer still has excellent light transmission, while also dispersing the light evenly, leading to a soft glow through the glass.

Translucent inserts - Using special material inserts and films in EVA laminated glass

Obscura glass is popular for use in areas like bathrooms where privacy is required, but light transmittance is still important.


Certain processes can reduce the strength of obscure glass (such as sandblasting), so consideration must be taken when specifying this product in certain areas. All glass must be engineered to specific code and design. Please contact Woods Glass to find out more information.


Normally when cleaning glass, a vinegar-based glass cleaner or mild dish soap and water with a soft, lint-free cloth or paper products is recommended. A squeegee or soft cloth may be carefully used to dry the glass and help avoid water spots.

It is not recommended to use petroleum-based cleaners or solvents as they can streak the glass and weaken the seal between the glass and frame. Avoid washing in direct sunlight to reduce streaking on the glass.

Never use razor blades, steel wool, putty knives or abrasive pads as they may damage the glass, particularly on toughened glass.


Obscura is manufactured in a large variety of sizes in order to minimise loss due to cutting. Obscura can be used in a Laminate combination for safety in high impact areas. Many different thicknesses are available and can be combined in different glazing systems like IGUs. Please contact Woods Glass to discuss special requirements.


We recommend using Masterspec 4614WG Woods Glass Specialty Glazing when specifying this system.



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