Sylvia Park - The Galleria Expansion


Woods Glass is proud to have been a part of New Zealand's largest shopping centre project: the Galleria Expansion at Sylvia Park Shopping Centre, Auckland. This impressive 18,000m² addition was constructed directly above the existing mall, which continued to operate seamlessly throughout the build. The expansion includes 65 food and retail tenancies, an impressive skylight, high-end finishes, sweeping bulkheads, and feature lighting.

Our contributions to this ambitious project include:

  • 1,700m² of Skylights: These skylights span the length of the new level, allowing natural light to flow beautifully throughout the space without causing glare or heat build-up, even during the peak of summer. This feature enhances the shopping experience by creating a bright, welcoming environment.
  • 350 Linear Meters of Balustrades: These balustrades open the void between the old and new sections of the mall, allowing natural light to penetrate deeper into the building. They also provide a stylish and safe barrier for patrons.
  • Glass Lift Shaft: The new entry to Level 2 features a glass lift shaft, surrounded by one of our many installed balustrades. This not only provides functional access but also serves as an architectural highlight.
  • 12 Wind Lobbies: Strategically placed throughout the mall, these wind lobbies facilitate smooth access to the new multi-storey carparks, enhancing convenience for visitors.
  • Level 2 Café Court Façade: This area is distinguished by its stunning 5.1-meter-tall face glass and fins, along with eye-catching ground floor feature fins. This façade creates a striking visual impact and a vibrant atmosphere for the café court.

Woods Glass is delighted to have contributed to the success of Sylvia Park's Galleria Expansion, delivering high-quality glass products that enhance both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of this premier shopping destination.

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