Revita | Self Cleaning Glass

Revita is float glass with a special pyrolytic coating which works in two stages to utilise its environment to self clean.

In the first stage, the coating reacts with UV rays from the sun to cause the dirt particles on the surface of the glass to break down. Secondly, when rain lands on the glass, the water is attracted to the surface by the hydrophilic (water attracting) properties, causing it to sheet evenly across the glass, washing away loose dirt and drying without spotting.

Naturally, the glass must have full sun and rain exposure, and not be shaded by structure or the like. It’s ideal for hard to clean surfaces such as skylights and canopies. The coating does not like salt water deposits and so it is not as effective near the sea. Revita can be laminated, toughened and included in ThermalPlus insulating glass units.


Revita is a self cleaning coating that should be used in combination with Woods Glass solar control range such as ThermalPlus and Infinit E to optimise performance. All glass must be engineered to specific code and design, please contact Woods Glass to find out more information.


Regular cleaning of Revita should not usually be necessary, however, certain pollutants and extended dry periods can cause a build up of contaminants on the glass surface. Normally when cleaning glass, a vinegar-based glass cleaner or mild dish soap and water with a soft, lint-free cloth or paper products is recommended. A squeegee or soft cloth may be carefully used to dry the glass and help avoid water spots.

It is not recommended to use petroleum-based cleaners or solvents as they can streak the glass and weaken the seal between the glass and frame. Avoid washing in direct sunlight to reduce streaking on the glass.

Never use razor blades, steel wool, putty knives or abrasive pads as they may damage the glass, particularly on toughened glass.


Revita is a coating that can be applied to many different Woods Glass products such as our Laminated, Toughened and Low-E products. It can be included in an insulating glass unit and the limit on size is only due to the engineering requirements of the glazing system. Please contact Woods Glass to discuss special requirements.


We recommend using Masterspec 4611WG Woods Glass Exterior Glazing when specifying this system.



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