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Glass mirror has long been used to line or clad internal wall and often as the entire wall such as in gyms or dance studios.

The ability of mirrors to enhance internal space should not be underestimated, and with modern safety mirror the applications increase.

Many different thicknesses and tints of mirror are available:

- Silver
- Low Iron
- Gold
- Bronze
- Other customised options available
MirrorLign™ “vinyl back” mirrors are also available for extra safety applications, and heated pads can be fitted. Safety mirrors are ideal for higher traffic areas and complies with AS/NZS2208 for Grade A Safety glass.

Woods Glass also offer Antique style mirrors, circular mirrors, satin mirrors and LED lit mirrors.


MirrorLign can be supplied as a safety glass with the vinyl back mirror. This is because the glass fragments do not fall down in the case of breakage. All glass must be engineered to specific code and design, please contact Woods Glass to find out more information.


Normally when cleaning glass, a vinegar-based glass cleaner or mild dish soap and water with a soft, lint-free cloth or paper products is recommended. A squeegee or soft cloth may be carefully used to dry the glass and help avoid water spots.

It is not recommended to use petroleum-based cleaners or solvents as they can streak the glass and weaken the seal between the glass and frame. Avoid washing in direct sunlight to reduce streaking on the glass.

Never use razor blades, steel wool, putty knives or abrasive pads as they may damage the glass, particularly on toughened glass


MirrorLign generally comes in 4 or 5mm thicknesses and many tints are available. MirrorLign is manufactured in a large variety of sizes in order to minimise loss due to cutting. Please contact Woods Glass to discuss specific project needs and special requirements.


We recommend using Masterspec 4612WG Woods Glass Interior Glazing when specifying this system.



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