OMEGA Hinged Doors


OMEGA Hinged Doors

The OMEGA range of Hinged Doors provides a flat-faced frame for a contemporary, robust appearance.

  • Heavy Duty 46mm Cast Aluminium Hinges to provide durability and strength.
  • 52mm panel depth to provide additional span capability for the door suite.
  • Omega proprietary strip drive locking. Provides durable/silent operation for multi-point locking of doors.
  • Range of proprietary stainless-steel door strikes with concealed fixings.
  • Wide door stile and rail options for additional strength.
  • Foam Q Lon perimeter sealing for higher weathering and acoustic performance.


To ensure the protection of the powder coated surface, strong solvents including paint thinners and abrasive cleaners must not be used. If paint splashes, mastics, or sealants these must be removed, using only Methylated Spirit or WGANZ recommended cleaners should be used and rinsed thoroughly post application. As with all paint films, regular washing with a soft brush and mild detergent will ensure that substances such as airborne salts and pollutants that are detrimental to long-term performance of your powder coated extrusions are expelled. Cleaning must take place at least every 6 months in external applications. In areas of high pollution such as geothermal, beachfront and industrial areas, the cleaning must take place at least every 3 months.

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