SoundPane | Acoustic Safety Glass

SoundPane is a laminated grade A safety glass which is specifically designed to reduce the effects of high noise environments.

By combining the effects of various thicknesses of glass with the acoustic interlayer, specific noise reduction properties can be acheived without compromising performance.

The effects of railways, motorways, high density office environments and noisy neighbours can have a negative impact on the mental wellbeing of people.

SoundPane is perfectly suited for environments where noise can impact productivity and stress levels such as offices and residential buildings.

SoundPane can be combined with other Woods Glass products such as Infinit E, Tinted EnduraLam and Keramo to combine the properties of noise reduction as well as solar control.

Combining SoundPane in a double glazed unit can help to mitigate the effects of noise even further.


The Sound Transmission Class (STC) is a useful metric that allows the measurement of the noise reduction ability of glass windows and partitions.

All glass must be engineered to specific code and design. Please contact Woods Glass to find out more information.


Normally when cleaning glass, a vinegar-based glass cleaner or mild dish soap and water with a soft, lint-free cloth or paper products is recommended. A squeegee or soft cloth may be carefully used to dry the glass and help avoid water spots.

It is not recommended to use petroleum-based cleaners or solvents as they can streak the glass and weaken the seal between the glass and frame. Avoid washing in direct sunlight to reduce streaking on the glass.

Never use razor blades, steel wool, putty knives or abrasive pads as they may damage the glass, particularly on toughened glass.


SoundPane is manufactured in a large variety of sizes in order to minimise loss due to cutting. Different glass types can be used in conjunction with the acoustic laminate interlayer as well as different tints. Thicknesses range from 6.76 mm up to 16.76 mm, but specialised thicknesses can be acquired if necessary. Please contact Woods Glass to discuss special requirements.


We recommend using Masterspec 4611WG Woods Glass Exterior Glazing when specifying this system.



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