Commercial Bay - Podium


At Woods Glass, we thrive on redefining architectural boundaries. Collaborating with Thermosash and Insite Facades, we played a pivotal role in transforming Commercial Bay into a modern urban oasis.

Key Contributions:

  • Frameless glass louvres for ventilation and aesthetics
  • Frameless canopy glazing and rooflights for natural light and protection from the elements
  • Glass balustrades for safety and visibility
  • Channel glazing with versatile options including steel blades and glass fins, enhancing storefronts

Design Innovation: Our focus on seamless integration and functionality reshaped Commercial Bay's urban landscape. By blending interior and exterior spaces, we created an immersive experience that invites exploration.

Material Excellence: With a refined palette of premium materials, including glass and steel, we crafted a tactile and visually striking environment. Our commitment to quality shines through in every detail, setting a new standard for modern architecture.

Conclusion: Woods Glass is proud to have contributed to the transformation of Commercial Bay into a vibrant hub of urban design. Join us in celebrating the fusion of innovation and craftsmanship that defines this landmark project.

ARCHITECT Warren and Mahoney with Woods Bagot
COSTRUCTION Fletchers Construction